STAFF REPORTER LAST Tuesday's draw in the Spanish national lottery organised by the Association for the Blind, “ONCE,” resulted in prize money totalling 350'000 euros being handed out on Majorca.

The winning number was sold by ONCE affiliate member, Fernando Gomez Romero operating from a kiosk in the Plaça Espanya in Lloseta. According to a statement by the Association, Gomez has been selling coupons since September 2003 and it was he who sold the ten winning tickets worth 35'000 euros each. In the Balearics alone, explained ONCE; there are 1'250 coupon sellers of whom 259 are completely blind and the remainder suffering from impaired vision. ONCE sells a range of lottery tickets including the daily coupon valid from Monday to Thursday and Saturdays, a high prize draw ticket on Friday, weekend specials, periodic Saint's Day prizes at certain dates on the calendar and “Super Lucky” coupons. Income from the sale of the lottery tickets brings benefits to the blind and partially sighted including funds enabling some of ONCE's younger members to have an education at colleges attended by students who have normal sight, and to provide transport and other aids which help sufferers live as normal a daily life as possible.