THE central Ministry for the Environment will only provide 12 percent of the total budget which was agreed with Palma city council for the green belt (Sa Riera park) work. In total only 350'000 euros will be handed over this year, instead of the previously agreed 2.8 million euros, “owing to budgetary limits that Parliament has approved”, said Antonio Serrano, secretary general for Land and Biodiversity in the Ministry for the Environment. Antonia Serrano yesterday visited the green belt site accompanied by the Mayor of Palma, Catalina Cirer and representatives from the planning department. The secretary general guaranteed that the total 15 million euros which figures on the written agreement will be paid, but not during the period from 2003 to 2007, which is the time limit that was established in the document. “This does not mean that we have not fulfilled the agreement. The text includes certain get-out clauses”, he added. This drastic reduction in funds is a big problem, said Mayor Cirer. “We have asked them to change the payment deadlines and not to delay them so much. The works are contracted and awaiting payment”, she said. “If they pay us 350'000 euros each year, then it will take 17 years to pay it all”, she added. In total Madrid should pay 6.2 million euros before 2008 (they have already paid 8.4 million euros out of the total 15 million)). “We have asked them not to go past this deadline of 2008”, said Rodrigo de Santos, councillor for planning.