Calvia.—Majorca is high on the location list for film and video producers; this island offers everything they could possibly require which is why Hollyoaks star Abi Phillips and the talented rapper Fugative spent the last few days filming the video for their latest single Summer Sunshine which is destined to be a huge summer disco hit. I caught up with the glamorous pair during a break in filming at a secret location. The teenagers' first ever meeting was when they arrived at the Santa Ponsa Hotel where they are staying. Both are singer/songwriters, so how did they wind up working together on this new single?

Harry Byart aka Fugative explains: “Last year I signed to Notting Hill Publishing as a writer/producer and artist, they sent me Abi's track saying they wanted me to feature on it, so I recorded the verse, and here we are in Majorca. I've been songwriting since I was about seven…been around music all my life, I got into it ‘cos my mum managed Marvin Gaye when he was in Belgium so I was always in the studios with her and I just fell in love with the whole concept, writing songs, producing and as an artist as well. I've been busy building up my fan base; I've got Wembley next month and a few big festivals this year; I begin shooting my next video next week.” Abi did you write this latest single? “Yeah, I wrote it with my co-writer Sam Gray, he's really good, he usually does acoustic tracks, but he's helping me with the backing track and the lyrics.” You started out as a singer, so how did you get the part in Hollyoaks? “I wrote a song called ‘Missing You' and sent it to the Hollyoaks production team, they used it in the show then asked me to audition for a part, I didn't think I'd get it, so I was quite chilled about it, but then I was…wow, when I got it. My life has changed quite a bit, because I've had to move to Liverpool where we film the show. I do get a bit homesick, I never thought I'd miss Birmingham, but I do and my Dad too.” Abi and Fugative's collaboration is without doubt an inspirational decision; they are certainly happily at ease with each other.