THE local mid-morning trade at a Palma bar watched in horror on tuesday when a 52-year-old man marched in, grabbed a kitchen knife, walked out and stabbed himself to death on the pavement in front of scores of passers-by and shoppers. The “hara-kiri” victim was a 52-year-old man identified as Francisco and he stabbed himself to death outside a bar in Calle Joan Crespi not far from the abandoned Luis Sitjar football stadium. The bar is owned by a foreign national, told the Local Police that he had never seen the 52-year-old before - none of the customers recognised the man, either. However, those in the bar watched in horror as Francisco walked in and went behind the bar to the kitchen where he grabbed a large knife.
The 52-year-old then marched out into the street with the cook hot on his heels thinking that he was dealing with a robbery and chased after him to recover the knife. However, no sooner had Francisco stepped out into the street, he first plunged the kitchen knife into his stomach before repeatedly stabbing himself all over his abdomen. Eye witnesses spoke of their complete horror and disbelief; a few said they were stunned and did not know what to do to try and save the man.
One woman said that the man looked a little nervous when he entered the bar but worked himself into a frenzy as he stabbed himself on the pavement.
According to police sources the fatal blows were caused by Francisco twisting the knife inside himself, severely damaging his vital organs. He collapsed in a pool of blood on the pavement a few yards from the bar.
Initially, many of the wounds appeared superficial.
A Local Police patrol, was first at the scene and they called for an ambulance.
There was nothing paramedics could do to save the 52-year-old and he was pronounced dead at the scene as dozens of bystanders looked on.
Police sources said last night that it appears the man was suffering from a severe depression and was a stranger to the neighbourhood.
A full investigation has been mounted and last night detectives were in contact with the victim's family and friends.