FOOTBALL fan or football hater, many Britons are still searching for last minute holidays to popular destinations such as Turkey, Majorca, mainland Spain and the Canaries, with Greece holidays recently also seeing a rise in interest, according to Holidayholiday.

Recent reports have found that the cost of holidays to Euro zone countries such as Spain and Greece are reportedly becoming cheaper compared to last Summer have also encouraged holidaymakers to start searching for last minute holidays again.

Some predictions have stated that people will choose not to go on holiday during the World Cup and may prefer to stay at home to watch it.
But many holidaymakers are looking for last minute holidays to popular holiday destinations such as Majorca and Tenerife, which has a variety of bars and pubs showing the matches. With over a hundred countries set to show the World Cup 2010 on TV, holidaymakers not wishing to lose out on their country competing can still watch the action, whilst enjoying their holiday in the sun. “We're finding that UK holidaymakers are still looking for last minute holidays this month, some even leaving it as late as a couple of days before they depart” said Emma Healey, Director of Holidayholiday.co.uk. “It seems that people don't want to lose out on a holiday even if they're avid football fans, so watching the World Cup abroad from the relaxed comfort of a bar on holiday is appealing to many. “And there will be plenty of bars showing the football. There's also the other side of the coin to consider, with some non-football fans looking for last minute holidays as they attempt to escape the World Cup fever that has enveloped the UK in the last couple of days.”