THE Balearics have the second highest youth employment figures in the whole of Spain, according to a 2005 study presented yesterday by the Balearic Minister of Labour and Training, Cristobal Huguet. Youth employment is 62.9 percent in the Balearics (6.4 points above the national average), only exceeded by Catalonia with 63.3 percent.
By gender, the amount of young women employed was 56 percent, 13.4 percent below the figure for young men, the national difference being 12.4 percent.
The study showed that, with regard to unemployment, at the end of 2005 there were 12'074 unemployed people below the age of 30 years, 77 percent of them from the services sector, and 54 percent of them women. Huguet said that the jobs most in demand with unemployed young people were: shop assistant (demanded by 28.6 percent), waiters (12.9 percent), and shorthand typist (12.6 percent), while 13 percent of the men wanted to be waiters and 9.9 percent wanted to be building labourers and 7.6 percent bus drivers.