BARCELONA TECHNICIANS from the Balearic Islands were amongst those who helped electricity company Fecsa Endesa finish repair works on installations in Catalonia this month after they were battered by a hurricane in January this year.

The hurricane left 250'000 people without electricity, most of them in Barcelona and some central areas of Catalonia. The clean-up has cost 27 million euros. On the first day, power was restored to most homes, although 26'000 users had to wait until the second day of the catastrophe before they had electricity again. There were, however, some 1'000 clients who remained a full six days without a supply. Fecsa Endesa has installed 1'000 kilometres of new cable and nearly 600 support struts. It has cleared up the areas surrounding electricity lines in wooded areas at the cost of 1 million euros. This is additional to the 13 million euros which the company has budgeted this year for regional maintenance. The first ten days after the hurricane struck, a team of 2'000 technicians moved in to get the electrical installations working again. Apart from the Balearics, staff were sent from Andalucia, Valencia, Aragon and Madrid.