Madrid.—A former treasurer of the Partido Popular, had a Swiss bank account in 2007, with 25 million euros, on top of another account that has already been uncovered, a judge investigating a corruption case that has tainted the party, said yesterday.

The High Court, Spain's highest criminal tribunal, has been investigating Luis Barcenas, since Spanish media in January, reported that he had for years used a slush fund to make undeclared payments to top party officials, including Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The 55-year-old was already under investigation since 2009, over his alleged involvement in a ‘kickback scheme' with companies that organised events for the party known as the ‘Gurtel case'.

As part of his investigation into this affair, examining judge Pablo Ruz, of the High Court, wrote in a judicial writ published Friday ,that Barcenas had 25'125'675 euros in an account in a Swiss bank ,Lombard Odier in 2007.