MORE than 8'000 passengers are using the four newest municipal bus routes on a daily basis.
The most recently introduced services are the No. 24 (Son Hugo-Son Llatzer); No. 20 (Portopi-Parc Bit); No. 6 (Poligono de Llevant-Can Valero); and No. 21 (S'Arenal-Son Sant Joan airport).

It is the No. 24 route, the first of them to be established, which is the most used with nearly 4'000 passengers a day. Around 2'500 people a day use the No. 20 and another 2'000 use the No. 6. Since the No. 21 started running at the beginning of last month, it has been carrying around 700 passengers on a daily basis. The Transport department on Palma Town Council believes that as the summer season advances, more and more people will be using this service as it is a direct connection between a major tourist zone and the airport.

Yet another service was introduced by the EMT municipal bus company yesterday - the No. 13 which will link Son Llompart with Sa Indioteria. It will run once every 24 minutes. The No. 27 line which covers the route from Sa Garriga to Palma will provide an hourly service. The No. 13 will allow interconnections with the No. 10 which runs from Sa Indioteria into Palma, and the No. 11 from the Son Castello industrial estate into Palma. Buses covering the No. 13 route will be small to enable them to negotiate the narrow roads and difficult turns, characteristic of the suburb area.