PALMA RESIDENTS in the Palma suburb of Genova had a lucky escape last Thursday after Emergency Services succeeded in preventing a faulty 25-metre crane from toppling over.

Removals staff had turned up for work in Calle Bartolome Pons i Coll and had noticed that the crane they were to use seemed unstable and that some mechanical features weren't working properly. Having failed to contact the owner of the crane who reportedly should have been on site to direct operations, the workers decided to go ahead with the removal work with which they had been charged.

At about 5pm, due to a deficiency, a sofa fell 20 metres from a fifth floor flat without injuring anyone but the danger didn't stop there. A fault on the crane's sliding ramp mounted on the back of a small lorry resulted in the top of the crane locking against the balcony of the flat with such force that it threatened to up-end the lorry. Amidst great concern, local residents helped the removal men counterbalance the weight until several units from Palma's fire brigade arrived to restabilise the crane. There were no injuries.