THE Mayor of Palma, Catalina Cirer, said yesterday that the redesigning of Palma's sea front and the construction of the new convention centre will go ahead as initially planned despite the decision made by the Council of Majorca's Town Planning department to preserve the GESA building. Nevertheless Cirer, at a press conference with the deputy mayor of Town Planning, Javier Rodrigo de Santos, was forced to admit that the declaration by the Council of Majorca about the GESA building made it “impossible” to carry out the sea front project as originally planned. However, she added that the construction of the Palacio de Congreso convention centre was one of the proposals which had been in her PP party's manifesto and any modifications to the project will have to be made swiftly so that completion of the project can meet its original deadline. Rodrigo de Santos said that, “the most important thing” is that the decision made by the Council of Majorca does not affect the granting of licences, so that Palma council can keep its promise and go ahead with key projects which are “on the point of starting”. However, he did admit that the changes to the project are going to have to be wide ranging, considering that the initial plan did not include having to incorporate the GESA building. It was generally accepted that the building would be demolished, especially once the power company reached an agreement with the council to relocate to a new premises. Some consider the decision by the Council of Majorca a blow to Palma's council's ambitious convention centre project but yesterday De Santos was quick to stress that the decision was a “technical” one and should not be blown up into a political issue.