THE Balearic Government is to hold a series of meetings with employers, unions and various other social partners to discuss ways to alleviate the problems in the economy.

The Balearic President, Francesc Antich, will meet with representatives of the CCOO and UGT unions and the business asssociations, CAEB and Pimem next Monday.

In the following days, Antich will meet with representatives of the tourist and financial sectors among others.
The Government will also meet with representatives of the island council and the different municipalities to discuss the economic situation.
The fundamental objective of these meetings, which will take place throughout next week, is to put in place plans to reactivate the economy, especially the construction sector.

This would take place in the context of evaluating the results of the measures taken by the Government up until now.
Announcing this round of meetings after yesterday's weekly meeting of the Balearic cabinet, Government spokeswoman Margarita Najera said that it was necessary to hold these meeting owing to new difficulties that had been detected recently.

The Minister for Employment and Development nevertheless expressed her confidence in the strength of the Balearic economy and said that the economic situation remained “robust” and looked “good” for the future.

Najera said that the current executive was “ruling out lending support to an economy based on speculation”.
The Minister said that the Government was working on a number of different fronts to find solutions to the current economic problems and made reference to investment in the rail network, housing and the labour market. Najera pointed out that the Government through the Department of Housing had already invested 25 million euros into buying land for the construction of social housing.

She said the meetings with the various economic and social partners would enable specific deals to be reached and generate agreement on the best way forward.