Felanitx.—The history over the tussle over who should be responsible for the upkeep of the castle and its immediate surroundings had reached a climax just prior to the last local elections.

After failure to reach agreement on urgent repairs required at the castle with the owners, the then President of the Council of Majorca, Francina Armengol signed an order for the expropriation of the land.

But this week, employees of a construction company have been working on the job of clearing tangled vegetation from around the fortifications and shoring up walls and access paths.

Rumours are abounding in Felanitx that the proprietors have decided to undertake the works as swiftly as possible so as to avoid having their land taken from them by the government.

The works can claim to have proper municipal permits. The licences were applied for during a time when the Council of Majorca appeared to have reached agreement with the owners over the need to act urgently to repair the castle, but in the end, no formal contract was ever signed. Both Felanitx town council and the Council of Majorca are aware of the repair and clearance work which is going on.

Local Mayor Biel Tauler said that one or two weeks prior to the last elections, the owners sent Felanitx council notification of the number of technicians and operatives they were going to need for the work, including an archaeologist.