THE Sant Bartomeu Agricultural Cooperative in Soller presented its new tinned Majorcan olive oil yesterday, a revolutionary product aimed specifically at the tourist market as it can be carried with safety in luggage and form part of a holiday souvenirs trade.

The presentation of the new tinned oil was made yesterday at the El Corte Ingles department store in the Avenidas in Palma by the Council of Majorca's Economy and Tourism head of department, Isabel Oliver.

Cooperative Director, Jose Manuel Piñel said on the occasion that Majorcan olive oil is gaining in status as a quality product thanks to the combined efforts of the olive growers and the Council of Majorca's promotional team.

According to Piñel, some studies suggest that the virgin extra oil is the only one of its kind known to have curative properties. “If people complain that the olive oil is expensive,” said Piñel, it is because of its unbeatable properties.” He quipped: “You can't put diesel into a human body and expect it to function properly when it should be being fed petrol.” Joan Mas, Director of Research and Development on the Council of Majorca said that it was important for the growth of commerce on the island that locally-made products should be given a high profile, one he claimed, they fully deserve.