THE Foundation for Young Seafarers in the Balearics, known as Joves Navegants, publicly presented and blessed the sailing vessel “Galaxie” yesterday afternoon in Palma's Club de Mar. The boat has been donated to the Group so that they can actively carry forward their work in the teaching of sailing navigation to youngsters with learning problems, or who have difficulty with integration in society. The Foundation was set up in 1992.
The dedication ceremony started at midday but the blessing of the vessel did not take place until 7.30pm in the presence of authorities representing the government and the Palma city council. The organisation is proud to bear witness to the last ten years of service in the community when an average of 300 youngsters a year have undergone training. Most of the cadets, who come from orphanages or special needs centres, are given the chance to enjoy life aboard ship in order to learn about the world of sailing. The same sources also made particular reference to the way in which the nautical experience, where partakers have to co-operate in teamwork, assists underprivileged young people find employment.