THE two main trade unions said yesterday that they expected a breakdown in wage talks in the hotel sector which would mean industrial action in July and August. They made their predictions after listenting to the management's proposal, which was “a far cry” from their interests, at a meeting yesterday morning.
Spokesmen for both unions, the CC.OO (Workers Commissions) and the UGT (General Workers Union) predicted a breakdown in talks at the next meeting which is scheduled for July 1. They added that industrial action would be announced at a union meeting on July 6, “unless the management makes substantial modifications” to its last offer. They declined to say what type of action, but they said it would “raise the already high temperatures in the Balearics.” The unions want a wage agreement covering two years, and the management want it to be valid for four and a half years. As to wages, the unions are demanding a 6.5 per cent increase, and management has offered 2.7 per cent. The unions accused the management of being “sarcastic” in offering 2.7 per cent, when hotel results had been “positive” and directors were awarding themselves “scandalous increases.” But the management was more optimistic. Spokesman Carlos Sedano said yesterday that the unions would have to “make an effort” to reach agreement, and would finally have to back down over their pay demands, which he considered “scandalous and exaggerated.” He said that strike threats formed part of the “ritual” of negotiations.
Every effort will be made to avoid a strike, he said.