THE Balearic coastal cleaning unit dredged 42 tons of waste from coastal waters last month alone.
This summer, a 39-strong fleet of specially built sea cleaning vessels are patrolling and cleaning Balearic waters with the support of a Cessna spotter plane which acts as their eye in the sky, guiding the vessels into areas in need of urgent attention.

The Cessna also keeps an eye on merchant shipping and is on hand to alert the emergency authorities in the event of a major oil spill.
The fleet of cleaning vessels are split into two.
One half is tasked with cleaning the coastal waters while the other is responsible for looking after the bathing water close to beaches and in the bays.

Obviously, the vast majority of the waste, 30.144 kilos, was removed from coastal waters and most of that round Majorca.
The Director General for Environmental and Coastal Care, Josep Lliteres, yesterday praised all those involved in the continual clean up operation for their good work and for also having rescued two swimmers and towing two stricken vessels to safety.