THE Balearics has the most expensive water in Spain. It's easy to view this negatively but this high tariff can be explained by the superior levels of water purification that have been enjoyed on the islands for years. The City Water Board says such quality cannot be boasted by other regions in the country where little importance is given to the facility. The water rates in the Balearics are the dearest in Spain, revealed a research study carried out by the Spanish Association of Water and Drainage Suppliers and by the Spanish Association of Water Management Companies in Towns. This study uses data applicable to the year 2002 and has been incorporated into the Spanish Information System on Water (Hispagua), a sector of the Environment Ministry. The average price of water in the Balearics is 2.01 euros per cubic metre - nearly double the Spanish national average of 1.08 euros and very much higher than the average price in the Canary Islands which has the second highest tariff in the country, with 1.66 euros per cubic metre. The study spans the two phases of the integral cycle of water: provision (capture, treatment and distribution) and drainage (disposal and purification). There is also a difference between tariffs in domestic and industrial consumption. Invoices submitted for study were broken down into the following areas: income for supply, drainage and purification of waste water; income for the system's pipe infrastructure; renting of meters; dues for connection to the water system and extra charges for pumping and drought conditions. Value added tax is not included nor those invoices that group together rubbish collection service with water supply.
The notable water cost differences between the Balearics and the rest of Spain shouldn't be considered negative without looking at the issue in more detail. The fact that the water supply comes so expensively here on the Islands is very much due to the high quality procedures that are used to ensure purification and re-use of waste water.