MAGALLUF is under seige. Not only are the bars and restaurants reporting a dramatic fall in takings a group of almost 100 African street prostitutes have moved in.

From Thursday night to Sunday morning the Ghanian prostitutes cause havoc “working” in Torre Nova, Punta Ballena and Son Matias. The taxi-drivers which take them back to Palma in the early hours of the morning are amazed at their takings; in one night it appears that one prostitute can make in excess of 1'000 euros.

Business owners are furious and despite repeated police crackdown the problem continues.
One business owner said: “we have had prostitutes operating in this area in the past but these are very dangerous. If they don´t manage to persuade the tourist to pay for their services they resort to robbery.” Last weekend a 21-year-old British tourist fell victim to them. He was found in a dark alley, with his face badly beaten and his wallet missing. Police suspect that he was led to the area by the prostitutes who later attacked and stole his wallet. The Guardia Civil is investigating the case but police officers complain that in some cases they are powerless to act because of loopholes in the law, according to our sister newspaper Ultima Hora. However, the Calvia local police have said that they have established a special unit to deal with the problem. “The prostitutes are experts in getting the attention of their would-be clients. They wait around cash-machines or even at the doors of nightclubs and discos,” said the business owner. “What concerns me is that they are violent and they attack in groups. Tourists should be on their guard.”


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