A short circuit is thought to have caused the fire in a seventh floor apartment in a block of flats in Palmanova in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The alarm was raised at 2.44am and nearly a hundred residents of the Los Palomas apartment block, including numerous tourists, were evacuated by the emergency services.

Fire fighters, the Local Police, Guardia Civil, 112 emergency units and a fleet of ambulances raced to the scene.
Residents of the top floors said that the first few minutes were very tense and frightening but once they were out of the building, the situation calmed down.

Some of the apartments on the seventh and eighth floors were seriously damaged and tourists staying in the block have been accommodated in a hotel complex in Magalluf.

Most of the other occupants have gone to stay with friends and families.
According to sources close to the fire investigation, the blaze may have been caused by a short circuit.
Fortunately, the flat inside which the fire started was empty at the time, according to the Calvia Local Police.
A total of 15 apartments have been damaged by the blaze - five of them seriously.
At first light yesterday morning, Calvia Council structural engineers, fire investigators and the Guardia Civil returned to the scene to inspect the damage and also ascertain what exactly caused the fire.

No one was reported injured in the evacuation operation and today a decision will be made about how and when inhabitants will be able to return to their apartments and tourists reclaim their luggage.