THE American Embassy has written to the Balearic police chief, expressing the satisfaction of former President Bill Clinton for the police protection during his recent private visit to Majorca, according to Ramon Socias, government representative. Clinton compared the service provided during his brief weekend stay, during which he was accompanied by daughter Chelsea, to the best he had had on his travels around the world. Socias said he hoped that the congratulations to the Police Force would help improve the perception of police work by the man in the street who very often does not “appreciate it enough,” he said. The May visit was Clinton's third. The first was in July 1997, when King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia invited the then President, First Lady Hillary and daughter Chelsea. On that occasion, Clinton proved to be the security team's nightmare, as he went walkabout in Valldemossa. The second visit, a private one, was in October 2001, when he was once again accompanied by Chelsea.