Staff Reporter THE Nits a la Fresca (Nights in the Open Air) programme was presented yesterday by María José Frau, the Councillor for Palma City Dynamics department. The summer programme of events will include theatre shows, musical performances and cinema showings, and they will all be held in Parc de la Mar during the balmy nights. This year there will be five concerts in the Mediterranean Festival by artists and groups such as Cap on nam, Nino Galissa, Fawzy Al Aiedy, Clara Murtas, Tomeu Penya and the DJ Lord Sassafras. The organiser of the event, Pere Estelrich, said that it will be the first time the festival has welcomed a DJ specialised in ethnic music, such as the DJ Lord Sassafras.

In addition, there will be seven theatre performances which residents and tourists can enjoy in the open air with their friends, family and enjoy picnics. Six of the theatre shows will be performed by companies based in Palma, the other from a company in Mahon. These theatre performances will be held from 1 to 10 July on the Ses Voltes stage. The budget for this year's summer events totals 250'000 euros.
All the cinema showings will be held in the same place, and films will be shown in either Spanish or Catalan.