BALEARIC ecological watchdog, GOB, claimed yesterday that the Council of Majorca's plans to build bypasses around Llubi and Porto Cristo at the cost of 11 million euros will do little else other than boost urban growth and property speculation.

In a statement, GOB said that the extent of road surfacing in the Council's plans is “out of proportion” to the landscape in which it will be located and that the amount of traffic using the new roads does not justify the expense which will need to be devoted to them. “The works are unnecessary and are the result of an obsolete road building model completely unsuited to the island's environment.” It is no secret, alleged GOB, that the overall plan is to connect Palma with the principal tourist resorts of the island and its main towns. But along with this policy, GOB claimed, will follow uncalled-for property speculation and urban expansion in towns a good distance away from the city of Palma.

GOB went a step further by saying that the new infrastructure infringes the legally protected areas of Majorca's Territorial Plan.


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