Palma.—The Balearic Symphony Orchestra could be facing the end according to MES per Mallorca (More for Majorca), a left wing party,which described the orchestra's situation yesterday as “terminal”, and urged the authorities to “pay their debts” to the musicians and pledge more support to culture, and not to cancel the Bellver Castle Music Festival.

Antoni Alorda, who represents the political group in Parliament, alongside representatives from Palma Council, the Council of Majorca and the Department of Culture have asked for “better management” of the orchestra's matters, a “minimum budget” for them and a greater effort to “involve” culture in the society.Nanda Ramon, a spokesman for Palma council, pointed out that the musicians in the Balearics are the ones who have suffered the most from the crisis in the whole country, with a salary reduction of around 20%, much more than the orchestra in Extremadura (5%) for example. “This orchestra is a first class expression of culture, whose universal language can also reach tourists as there are no language barriers in music, like in theatre or literature. “And most importantly it attracts quality tourism” she said adding that it is not the government or the entities that finance the group that have to pay their debts.” Nanda Ramon also showed concern with the possibility the Bellver music festival could soon be scrapped as well, highlighting the fact that two years ago, the ballet season suffered a similar death. The Orchestra twice went on strike last week in protest against the authorities.


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