Joan Collins A year after the start of the work to construct the metro in the Gran Via Asima, the businesses on the Son Castello industrial estate are complaining that during that year they have seen a drop in business of between 10 and 30 percent, according to the Majorcan Association of Industries (Asima). The President of Asima, Miquel Bordoy, said that the loss “rises or falls according to the business. All direct sales businesses have been affected by the works, which has naturally generated a lot of annoyance among the companies affected”. The area which is most affected is the Gran Via Asima, where the largest number of complaints are concentrated and the companies are negotiating with Palma council for the extension of some of their municipal taxes to alleviate the financial loss which they have suffered because of the works. Bordoy said that the fall in sales is worst among companies which sell products that can be bought in other places in Palma, which is the case for shops selling electrodomestic products and even some car showrooms. The exclusive companies do not suffer so many problems with accessibility and parking. Bordoy said that the attitude of the Balearic Ministry for Public Works and Palma council “is positive, because they know about the problems which have been brought about by the start of the construction work on the metro. We have asked the council for compensation via the extension of the municipal taxes on industry (IBI and Economic Activity Tax)”. Asima is at the moment waiting for Palma council's decision about this request and the procedures which the affected companies have to follow to benefit from these extensions. “We want to find a solution which benefits both parties, but above all we have to safeguard the interests of our members” said Bordoy. The existing traffic problems in the Gran Via Asima are also damaging business for small and medium sized companies, as well as the whole of the catering sector on the Son Castello industrial estate.