Newsdesk PALMA'S new Socialist mayor, Aina Calvo spoke yesterday of her “disappointment” at not being able to present a clear picture of the finances of City Hall prior to taking up her post.

Calvo claimed that the delay was due to her predecessor, Catalina Cirer (of the centre-right Partido Popular) failing to ensure that clear and unambiguous accounts were made available to auditors.

If, Calvo said, all financing had been clearly “above board”, it would have greatly facilitated the new mayor in getting her new term of office under way. Calvo was speaking after the future president of the Balearic Islands, Francesc Antich had given his speech in Parliament (see pages 4 and 5) .

She alluded to the contrast between the “under cover” approach adopted by Cirer's ruling team during her term of office and the openness and helpfulness now displayed in order to hand over the reins of power. Making reference to her own team of administrators, Calvo said that it was a group of people made up of different skills which complement one another. “My colleagues are ready to put their high ideals into action and not afraid of the hard work which it will entail,” she said. “We've made some structural changes which don't amount to a huge shift in the way things are done but which do place greater emphasis on the areas we consider to be important and interesting.” Consumer Affairs, for example, no longer need to be linked to Health.