PALMA THE regional Energy ministry is providing funding to the tune of 3.2 million euros to promote the use of renewable energy and energy-saving systems. Minister Francesca Vives and Energy director Marilena Tugores said yesterday that according to the nature of the green energy being used, there are three different channels for grant applications with different closing dates: 27th August, 16th September and 27th September. Town councils and island councils are eligible to apply along with businesses and individuals. Vives said that local government should take the lead and set an example to individual citizens by making use of the funding to install green energy. She added that the ministry already provides funding to help people make use of non-polluting energy systems. Tugores said that it has launched a campaign to raise public awareness about the advantages of green energy, adding that last year alone, the Balearics avoided 49'600 tonnes of carbon emissions being thrown into the atmosphere as a result of renewable energy use.