Palma.—The 35 year old Briton, who was found with no identification about his body, is understood to have fallen from a tenth floor apartment in the early hours of yesterday morning and landed on the bonnet of a new KIA car parked below.

The body of the Briton was found at 6am by a local resident who was walking his dogs near the Formentor block of apartments in the Avenida Magalluf.
The Briton was found slumped on the bonnet of the car wearing a pair of flip-flops and a pair of Bermuda shorts - nothing else and that is what led police to initially assume that the victim was a holiday maker. But, because no documentation could be found, police began knocking on the apartments in the block one by one to see if anyone knew the victim - but nobody did.

Initially, investigators thought he had fallen from the second floor, then the seventh as the investigation developed until later yesterday afternoon, the Guardia Civil managed to identify the victim and that he had in fact fallen from the tenth floor. Foul play has been ruled and police investigations were continuing last night to establish the exact cause of death.

Police were also looking for possible witnesses.