THE Balearic Ministry of Work and Training will give 1'050'000 euros for one year to encourage the employment of 350 young people on the islands, approximately 10 percent of the 3'600 people under 30 who are unemployed, through the creation of an “occupation guarantee”. The Balearic Minister for Work and Training, Cristobal Huguet, explained that this “guarantee” of 3'000 euros, whose objective is “to stimulate training and act as an incentive for a permanent contract”, will be given to the company employing young people when they are sent on certain training courses. The Minister underlined that the initiative will be centred around “covering jobs for which it is difficult to find employees”, such as welder, carpenter, social educator and locksmith, among others. The President of the CAEB (Confederation of Business Associations), Josep Oliver, described this service as “novel and stimulating” as much for the workers, who will be able to finish their training, as for the companies, who will have an incentive to employ people under 30 years old permanently, which will benefit society in general.