THE Balearic government plans to set an example in energy saving as part of its programme to reduce gas emissions and prevent climate change, deputy leader Rosa Estaras announced yesterday. It will introduce a series of energy-saving measures in all government offices, with the recommendation that they should be adapted by private enterprise and home owners.

They include: l Programming the air conditioners' thermostats to 25ºC in summer, in offices,communal areas and waiting rooms. Each degree less which is programmed increases the emissions of polluting gases by eight per cent. l Keeping air conditioners out of the sun and in a well ventilated area. l Switching off air conditioners when there is nobody in the room. l Not using the lift to go up or down one flight of stairs.

· Dressing sensibly. This means that male civil servants will not be obliged to wear jackets and ties in summer. l Putting out lights on leaving an office, bathroom or any room which remains empty.