Fire protection THE Pollensa town council have started up a local campaign aimed at preventing fires. The campaign will give residents information and advice on how to prevent fires at home. The town council will also be stepping up the Civil Protection watches in the area. THE plot of land which used to be occupied by the Hotel Cala Mesquida before it was knocked down, is causing a blot on the landscape. There are still many construction materials as well as rubble on view to all the passing tourists. The heap offers an image which is completely unacceptable in such a key tourist resort, the council opposition said. Not only is it a horrible sight but it is also dangerous for people who enter this plot of land. For this reason, the Majorcan Socialist Party have asked the town council to sort out this “unacceptable situation” and clean the area up. The spokesperson for the Majorcan Socialist Party, Mateu Garau, said that “when the hotel was knocked down, it was sold as a benefit for the area, but it has actually turned out to be the opposite”. THE Council of Majorca agreed yesterday to remove the train level crossing in Felanitx, which will be replaced with a bridge. This forms part of the systematic plan to remove all the train level crossings in Majorca, which was drawn up by the Balearic Government in order to improve the safety and quality of the train services.


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