Palma.—19-year-old Andreu Coll Tur spent his first day on remand in Palma prison yesterday suspected of having killed his father with the assistance of 20-year-old Francisco Abas Rodriguez in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

The two young men, who were arrested after the funeral of 57-year-old Andreu Coll Bennassar in Alaro on Wednesday evening, were ordered to be held on remand in prison just before midnight on Friday.

During the remand hearing on Friday evening, it was revealed that the victim had apparently been drugged and that the two suspects had been planning the murder for days.

The two young men had met on the Internet and Francisco, from Zaragoza, had been staying with Andreu at his father's estate in Alaro.
His two elder brothers and estranged mother live in Santa Ponsa.
It also transpired during Friday's hearing that the two men's relationship from a very close one and Francisco apparently told judge Juan Manuel Sobrino that he helped Andreu “for love”.

The father did not apparently approve of having Francisco in the house, not of them sleeping together and, when Andreu admitted to the crime on Thursday, he said that one of the reasons was that he was fed up with being constantly humiliated by his father who had an estimated fortune of 50 million euros with Andreu being the sole benefactor after he apparently changed his will just two weeks ago.

The judge also heard how the two men drugged the victim with pills the day before the crime and hit him over the head.
He came round in a panic and the two men rushed to his aid, the victim thought that he had suffered a nightmare or fallen out of bed.
Then, during the night of the following day, the two suspects surprised the victim in his bedroom and attacked him.
The 57-year-old tried to run away but the two men continued to beat him with various objects as he fled along the corridor and down the stairs.
The victim reached the lounge which is where he collapsed and died.
The two men then apparently washed the dead man's body in the shower to get rid of any traces of blood and then drove the body to Bunyola cemetery, ditching the weapons used on the way.

It was outside Bunyola cemetery where the body was found dumped in a Land Rover.
Apparently, the serious crime squad had been watching the two men for a number of days and when they were arrested, Andreu was carrying 15'000 euros and when the house safe was opened, 200'000 euros had been taken.

The family of the victim has since praised the murder squad for having quickly solved the case and also thanked everyone for their support during this difficult time.