Palma.— The “indignados” lined up yesterday morning outside a house in Calle Joan de Austria in the Palma suburb of Camp Redó where the woman lives with her two children. The rebels were supporting a huge banner which read “stop evictions.” The protesters had set out at 8.30am from Plaza Espanya intending to stop the eviction of the family due to non payment of mortgage to a financing company.

Domestic violence
One of the indignados called Dani, responsible for the “evictions” section of the rebel movement, claimed yesterday that the woman was a victim of domestic violence and had received a court order from bailiffs telling her she had to leave the property because the mortgage hadn't been paid for the past six months.

The action by the indignados proved successful staving off the moves by the court and National Police to evict the woman. It is the third occasion in Palma where the rebels have been able to stop action by bailiffs in removing people from properties where they were living.

The Nigerian woman told reporters that within two weeks she is planning to go and live with her sister but in the meantime, the property in Calle Joan de Austria has no electricity or water. She said that she had asked for a stay of execution from the court but it had been denied her.

The court has meanwhile told the woman that she will be given a new date for the eviction within a month.