Palma.—Teenage murder suspect 18-year-old Andreu Coll and his 20-year-old accomplice, Francisco Rodriguez, spent their first weekend in prison in separate cells and on suicide watch.

The two are being held on remand in Palma prison as the prime suspects in the investigation into the murder of Andreu Coll's father in the early hours of Sunday, 30 June.

The two suspects, who met two years ago playing the game Call of Duty over the Internet and then developed what has been described as an“extremely close” relationship have admitted to the crime.

Andreu told the remand hearing he was fed up with being constantly humiliated by his 57-year-old father. His accomplice, who was staying at the Alaro mansion Andreu shared with his multi millionaire father, from told the court that he helped his friend “out of love”.

The two apparently first tried to kill the father with an overdose of sleeping pills, they stuffed them into a plate of small cakes.
But that failed, so the following night, they surprised him in his bedroom and apparently beat him to death before abandoning the body in a Land Rover outside Bunyola cemetery.

Andreu stood to inherit 50 million euros.