The number of cruise passengers coming to the Balearics has more than doubled this year, according to figures released by the Balearic Port Authority yesterday.

So far this year 388.071 passengers arrived on the four islands - an increase of over 63% compared to 2012- aboard the 195 cruise ships that have called into port in the region.

Last year only 161 cruise ships were registered.
Some 99 of those vessels arrived in May alone, amounting to a 23.75% rise in comparison to May 2012.
This means Balearic ports are now placed third in the list of the busiest ports in Spain behind only Gijon and Motril which registered passenger increases of 111% and 459% respectively in the first five months of 2013.

Overall, in the whole country, Spain welcomed more than nine million cruise passengers, which in relation to the previous year, represents an increase in the region of 4%. But, some sectors of the tourist industry have complained that the liners are spending less and less time in port and therefore have little time to come ashore and spend.