THE average pay rise in the 3'151 wage negotiations signed or revised between January and June this year was 2.86 per cent in Spain as a whole, and 2.83 per cent in the Balearics, according to figures published by the ministry of labour.

The average increase is nearly five tenths of a decimal point higher than the inflation rate in June last year, which was 2.4 per cent.
The wage agreements affected more than 5.5 million workers in 766'000 firms and they also stipulated an average of 1'747.7 hours work a year.

More than 2'100 of the agreements were in the service sector, 960 in industry, 69 in farming and 21 in construction.
The average increase in the farming sector was 3.49 per cent, compared to 2.81 per cent in the service sector, 2.80 per cent in industry and 3.97 per cent in construction.

The Balearics was one of the regions with the smallest increases -- Catalonia had the lowest increase at 2.45 per cent, and Valencia came second with 2.62 per cent.

The Balearics were third and Cantabria had the fourth lowest (2.84 per cent).
The biggest increase was in the Basque Country (3.92 per cent), followed by La Rioja (3.67 per cent), Galicia (3.47 per cent) and Madrid (3.39 per cent).


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