STAFF REPORTER DESPITE this weekend's respite from the oppressive heat with a downturn in temperatures of between 3 and 4 degrees, it may only be a lull as the Met. Office is forecasting they will be on the rise again from late on Sunday. By Tuesday, Majorca is expected to start experiencing the worst heat wave this summer.

National Met. Office chief, Agustin Jansa, said yesterday that it wasn't possible to predict what high temperatures would be reached but that it was certainly going to be “very hot.” He said that minimum temperatures continue to be high - during Thursday night into Friday morning last week, the minimum temperature in Portopi was recorded at 25.5 degrees centigrade, a 4.5 degree upturn on what it normally is at this time of year. The sensation of heat during this period was all the more because of a 89 percent humidity factor.

Other high minimum temperatures were registered at different points around the island including Palma airport (25.4 degrees), Portocolom lighthouse (24.2), Porreres (23.8) and Capdepera lighthouse (23.7).

Experts on how human beings react to high temperatures say that when minimum temperatures are above 21 degrees centigrade, people start to have problems with sleeping normally.