By Humphrey Carter OVER 100'000 people are being invited to the beach party of the year which Paris Hilton and Rich Prosecco wine will be throwing this Saturday in Palma. Yesterday, work started on constructing the giant stage in front of the GESA building on Palma seafront while a stretch Humvee limousine continued to tour Majorca handing out over 100'000 flyers inviting as many people possible to what is being described as “the beach party of the year”. The beach party will kick off at 1pm on Saturday, the day on which Paris will sign her three-year deal to promote the new Rich Prosecco sparkling white wine in a can, with live music, drummers, DJ's and dancers performing throughout the afternoon while a host of other special and promotional events are held along the beach. At 7pm, Grammy-winning New York rapper Fatman Scoop will take to the stage and then at around 8pm, a real Hollywood-style welcome is being organised for Paris Hilton who will perform her latest single. As the sun sets over the Bay of Palma, Boy George will take over at the mixing desk and keep the party going to around 10.30 when the event will move to Tito's nightclub for the special VIP-only after party with Paris Hilton as the special guest. Apart from her parents, the heir to the Hilton hotel empite will be accompannied by her two best friends, model Caroline D'Amore and her stylist Kim Kardashian, whose father was one of OJ Simpson's defence lawyers.