Palma.— The new cycle lane - part of the election pledge of the new ruling Partido Popular (PP) team on the council - will however mean that bicycles will be sharing the same area as vehicles in some sections of the road in Calle Esclaramunda, Cecilio Metelo, Sant Miquel, Velezquez and Josep Anselm Clave. Cyclists will be given priority.

The new arrangement was presented yesterday by Transport Councillor Gabriel Vallejo, who is also the President of the municipal bus company EMT. He said that the PP had decided to make the rebuilding of the cycle lane in the Avenidas an election commitment after so many complaints about the chaos it caused had been received by transport companies, taxi drivers and local businesses.

The City Council is allocating 196'000 euros to doing away with the current cycle lane in the Avenidas, used by 800 cyclists a day, and to reopening a third lane for vehicles, bearing in mind - they say - that 18'000 use the Avenidas on a daily basis, and that is in reference only to the lanes running down in the direction of the sea.

Vallejo said the aim is for all the works to be concluded by the middle of September to coincide with the start of the new school term. The new lane will run from Calle Ruben Dario through Santiago Rosiñol and Plaza de los Patines.