Palma.—The Royal Autombile club of Catalonia's (RACC) report on Palma's public transport service was presented yesterday to the City Council by its Transport Director Gabriel Vallejo. It said that following an audit of the public bus company's operating systems earlier this year, EMT needs to aim to “improve the accessibility of the buses” and look at the possibility of setting up express buses because the regularity of services is “unreliable”.

The audit conducted by RACC had been split into an analysis of speed of service, reliability, comfort, available information and price. The broad opion of the Club was that the breadth of the service in Palma is considerable but that the routes were too slow and that outside the very centre of the city, there was little gauge of how frequently they were running. A separate criticism was that the transport system didn't appear to have any integral coordination. It suggested that the network of buses was a conglomeration of different services piled haphazardly one on top of another, without any real forethought of where the future service to the public is leading.