By Humphrey Carter THOUSANDS, if not millions, of people have dreamt of owning a luxury holiday home in Majorca but could have never afforded the privilege, but now a luxury complex tucked away in the Majorcan mountain is being raffled and a handful of lucky winners could walk away with an exclusive Majorcan pad for just 150 euros the price of a raffle ticket. While the idea is not unusual, property raffles are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, this is the first time the initiative has been held in Majorca and also involves various properties. The mountain hideaway, currently a luxury fully serviced hotel and self-catering aparthotel, compromises ten separate cottages and studio suites, each with their own entrances and, according to the publicity information, their own electrical circuits and separate deeds. What is more, each accommodation has a private sea view south-facing terrace, a kitchen or kitchenette, en-suite bathroom while the cottages have one bedroom and a sitting room. The smallest property, a studio is about 45 square metres while the largest covers an area of 180 square metres . What is more, the properties have great rental potential during the summer season due to their idyllic and unique location on the island; not too far from Palma but surrounded by the mountains and the tranquility of the Majorcan wild. The complex is “scattered” across the hilltops, covers a total area of three acres and offers a wealth of extras from exercise rooms to a sauna and all of the fitments and furniture are of the very best quality. The owners have decided to raffle the property because they want to sell the complex but get the right price, without having to share it with agents, and also prevent the property being purchased by a developer and knocked down. For the moment no raffle tickets are available, a website has been launched for people to register and express their interest in purchasing one of the 33'333 raffle tickets which are expected to be made available within the next six to nine months when the raffle is launched for real. Tickets holders have a 1 in 33'333 chance of winning, not bad compared to the one in 13'983'816 chances of winning the UK National Lottery or one in 18'009'460 chance of landing the jackpot in the New York Lotto. Should there fail to be sufficient interest, the owners are clear that the raffle will not go ahead, but the possibility of landing a dream home in Majorca for just 150 euros is going to prove very hard for many to resist. What is more, the property owners believe that this unique property raffle could be the start of a new real estate trend in the Balearics. But firs things first and that id to register one's interest in the raffle and then await further developments. Who knows, this time next year you could be sitting on the terrace of your 150 euros luxury Majorcan hideaway.