Palma.—Every year over 100 citizens test positive for the HIV virus in the Balearics, a number that has been growing at an alarming rate in recent years.

Health department authorities confirmed that around 70% of the citizens infected are of Spanish nationality, and that the majority of the those infected (85%) , are because of unprotected sexual relationships.

The main problem with the high number of cases is due to the late discovery of the virus.
Most citizens leave it late to have medical check ups, which can severely damage their chances of containing the infection by failing to have proper treatment.

Late treatment was the main issue for 60% of heterosexuals, compared to only 38% amongst homosexuals.
Health authorities are concerned with the numbers and have issued a warning to the population. “This virus does not discriminate. We should not make that mistake ourselves. “Just because someone is heterosexual or is not involved in prostitution does not mean they cannot be affected.” The Aids Association of the Balearics, was keen to stress those who have had unprotected sex throughout their life to go for a check up, reminding that normal medical exams do not reveal this type of virus.

It could lead to death if spotted late
Tests to detect the virus, are free, anonymous, totally confidential and performed by professionals, specially trained for that purpose.
Authorities also pointed out that the earlier the virus is discovered the better. If the virus is discovered in time, patients can start special treatment for these cases, which could help contain the next phase, AIDS.

AIDS, is a disease that affects the immune system, weakens the natural defenses of the human body and opens the door to a large range of other disease that could ultimately lead to death.