by Staff Reporter
TWO people were killed and three, including two minors, were seriously injured yesterday, in a traffic pile up involving a van, a tanker and an articulated lorry.

According to the Guardia Civil Traffic department, the victims were the van driver, identified as Andrés Massanet, aged 33, and his mother in law, Maria Contreras, aged 55.

His wife, Maria Azucena A C, aged 36, was seriously injured, sustining a broken collar bone. Their three year old daughter is in intensive care, where her condition is said to be serious. The third injured person is a 14 year old relative of the family, who has multiple injuries.

The accident occurred at 9.40am at kilometre 21.3 of the Palma to Inca road, in the municipality of Binissalem.
The driver of the tanker, which was carrying fuel, was slightly injured while the driver of the third vehicle escaped unharmed.
The emergency services say that the three-year-old child suffered the most serious injuries and she is in intensive care in the children's wing of the hospital. She suffered severe head injuries.

According to the Guardia Civil, all the occupants of the van were wearing seat belts.
The family was from Lloseta and was very well known as Andreu Massanet was the founder of the local civil defence group.
Mayor of Lloseta Bernat Coll went to the scene of the accident, accompanied by several members of the Local Police force.
Coll, visibly upset, immediately cancelled all the activities planned in Lloseta yesterday as part of the summer fiestas.
Mariano Medina, head of the Local Police in Lloseta, described Massanet as “a person who was ready to help 24 hours a day; he was very efficient. He will always be remembered” The cause of the accident, one of the worst on Balearic roads this year, is being investigated.