THE number of foreign workers paying social security in the Balearics was 87'889 in June, an increase of 51 per cent compared to figures for December 31, according to figures released yesterday by the central ministry of labour and social welfare. Figures for the end of June show an increase of nearly 14 per cent compared to the same month last year.
The report showed that 33'221 of the foreign workers paying social security in June were from European Union countries, while 54'668 were from outside the EU. By sectors, 13'372 of the non-EU workers were employed in construction and 13'230 in tourism.
A further 4'731 found work in commerce and car repair establishments, 3'919 in real estate and 2'124 in industry.
As to EU workers, 10'393 were employed in the tourist industry, while 1'535 worked in construction.
A further 2'591 EU residents were employed in the commerce sector and 1'952 in transport and communications.
The ministry report indicated that 49'795 of the workers were men and 38'094 were women.
On a national level, the number of foreigners paying social security rose by 19'128 in June, and more than half of them were from non-EU countries.
There are now more than 1.8 million foreigners paying social security, a ministry spokesman said.
Many of them are self employed, while construction and tourism are the sectors which absorb most workers, the spokesman added.