POLICE investigating the fatal shooting of a 63-year-old German women in Cala Murada, Manacor, on Sunday afternoon, are understood to suspect that it was the victim's partner who pulled the trigger. A single shot is said to have rung out across Cala Murada just after 4pm on Sunday afternoon.
Katharine Glaser was apparently shot at close range in the chest with a pistol although police were still searching for the murder weapon yesterday.
The alarm was raised and police and paramedics rushed to the scene however, there was nothing that could have been done to have saved Glaser from her fatal wound. She was pronounced dead at the scene, on the porch of their property they shared. Her partner, 63-year-old Messerer, suffered a panic attack and was hospitalised for checks.
He was however understood to have been back at the house yesterday while the National Police murder squad continued with its investigation.
Robbery had virtually discarded as the motive on Sunday night as there were no signs of a break-in or reports that anything had been stolen.
Messerer told police on Sunday that he had seen a man running away from the scene, suggesting he may have been a thief and the killer.
But, police have been unable to stand that up and yesterday robbery was ruled out with sources close to the investigation revealing that the rime suspect is now the victim's partner but police do not have enough evidence. Masserer has, however, not been charged but police are keeping a close eye on his movements while they further with their inquiries in calle Catalunya where the couple lived at number 223. The local community was still in deep shock yesterday while a number of neighbours continued to help police searching the area for the murder weapon.
Glaser had lived in Majorca for the past 20 years and was just three months away from retiring from the local hotel at which she worked.
Both she and her partner have a grown up daughters from previous marriages but they both still live in Germany.
Glaser's friends said that they still could not believe what had happened.
One close friend spoke of how, only an hour before Glaser was shot, she had seen her ironing at home.
She was a card-carrying member of the Balearic pétanque (French bowls) and was a very active and social member of the organisation and said to have a talented and popular player.