By Humphrey Carter

MAJORCA and Burgos yesterday commemorated the two members of the Guardia Civil who were killed by an ETA car bomb outside the Palmanova barracks on July 30, last year
A special memorial service was held in Calvia and wreaths were laid before a Guardia Civil guard of honour at the site of the Balearics's worst ever terrorist attack.

Hundreds of members of the public turned out to show their support for the Guardia Civil and to pay tribute to the two young men, Diego Silva from Palma and Carlos Saenz de Tejada from Burgos.

It was an emotional moment and some of the murdered Civil Guard's colleagues could not hold back their tears.
The ETA terrorists struck at exactly 13.50 and the group followed up the fatal attacks by planting four minor devices in and around Palma the following weekend causing further chaos and disruption to the island which was already under a police lock down as the security forces searched for the culprits.

The investigation is apparently still open and the people of Majorca, in particular Calvia, have not, and probably never will, forget the tragic events of July 30, 2009.

Yesterday, the Balearic government expressed its hope that the two Civil Guards “will be the last victims of terrorism in Spain”. “The memory of Diego Silva and Carlos Saenz will always be with us,” President Francesc Antich said.
Palma City Council also paid tribute to the two young men. “The pain remains in our hearts but so too is the conviction that we will never be beaten by terrorism,” said the Mayor, Aina Calvo.
This evening, a memorial service is going to be held at Palma Cathedral at 8pm.