By Humphrey Carter

MAJORCA was placed on level one heat wave alert yesterday as maximum temperatures hit 36ºC in some parts of the island.
Balearic Interior Minister explained that all public services had been placed on a pre-emergency footing and the health and security services are closely monitoring the situation.

The temperature in the centre of Palma reached 34ºC while at the airport, 37.3ºC was recorded.
In Sa Pobla, the temperature peaked at 36.6ºC and over the next few days it is forecast to get slightly hotter still.
The director of the Balearic meteorological office, Agusti Jansa, said yesterday afternoon that temperatures across the island can be expected to exceed 36ºC today.

In accordance with the heat wave alert level issued yesterday, the general public is advised to stay out of the sun during the peak hours of the day, wear light, loose-fitting clothes and a hat, use plenty of strong sun cream and drink plenty of liquids, in particular juices and water, not alcohol.

Experts said yesterday that people should not wait until they are thirsty but drink a glass of water every 15 to 20 minutes to avoid dehydration.
It is also recommended to eat regular light meals and plenty of fruit and vegetables and pay close care and attention to the elderly and young.
Both the Balearic Ib-Salut health service and the Red Cross are operating heat wave hot lines and information web sites for anyone needing help and assistance.

This August is currently being forecast to be slightly hotter than usual and, in the midterm, temperatures are expected to remain higher than the norm well into the Autumn.