BRITISH Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, is enjoying a family holiday in Minorca staying in a private villa.
While some Labour ministers elected to holiday in Britain, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the Foreign Secretary decided to broaden his horizons in Minorca. Also on holiday on Minorca at the moment is the Portuguese Prime Minister, although it is unlikely that the two will meet.

Before he went to Minorca an article written by Miliband was published in The Guardian, which was widely believed to be positioning for a potential leadership challenge to Gordon Brown.

This was due to the timing of the publication - during a period of speculation about Brown's continuing leadership following Labour's loss in the Glasgow East by-election. The article also dealt with the future of the Labour Party, and did not mention Brown.

Miliband came under fire from Labour frontbenchers for penning the article which claimed the Labour Party needed to move forward and change. In the following days, many Labour MPs called on Brown to sack Miliband for his perceived disloyalty; Miliband, while refuting the claims about a leadership election, has yet to rule himself out of running for the leadership of the party and many grassroots supporters believe a Miliband-led Labour Party would tackle David Cameron's Conservatives more effectively, citing Miliband's ability to reach out to voters in marginal seats as well as being able to serve Labour's core support. Miliband is the favourite to succeed Brown as leader of the Labour Party and the article has led to media coverage on whether David Miliband is preparing a leadership challenge to Gordon Brown.

Miliband will probably be using his time in Minorca to ponder his future.
With Labour at least 20 point behinds in the opinion polls and former Prime Minister Tony Blair allegedly slamming Brown´s leadership, there is plenty to think about!