Palma.—To take a late afternoon walk, find an open-air terrace and enjoy a cold beer are part of what people in the Balearics regard as an ideal way to spend the summer, research by Spanish beermakers reported yesterday after taking soundings around the country.

Although there are plenty of ways to enjoy free time during the summer, 83 percent taking part in a survey undertaken in the Balearics said that a walk and sitting on an open-air terrace were an essential part of the pleasure and 72 percent said that a cold beer had to be included in the bargain.

Because of the fine weather, 51 percent of people interviewed in the Balearics said that they preferred sitting outside rather than in a bar.

Half of the participants in the survey said that they enjoyed themselves in this fashion at least 3 or 4 times a week. During the winter however, 43 percent said that they only went out at the weekends. Interviewees said that the length of time they spent socialising and drinking on the terraces was directly related to the weather.

Around 42 percent of people in the Balearics said that beer was their favourite drink in summer.