Majorca.— River cruises through France and Germany are the most popular holiday options for Majorcans who are lucky enough to escape the recession, according to reports by Association of Balearic Travel Agents, AVIBA, and several on-line travel agencies this week. “River cruises have been growing since last Summer, but this year even more. “Majorcans have ‘woken up' to this type of holiday, through some of the most important rivers in Europe, like the Seine, Rodano or the Rhine. “Prices are affordable and it's another very relaxing way to get to know another country and its traditions,” said AVIBA president Sylvia Riera adding that short trips (four to five days) to the north of Spain and Andalusia are also very popular.

Travel agents say that the good weather around Europe makes travelling along the rivers much more comfortable, leading to an increase in demand from holiday makers. “Lots of people are asking about river cruises, especially when packages are being sold on an all inclusive basis, excluding tours.”

Holiday packages offer more safety When it comes to long haul, travel agents say that Vietnam is the most requested destination followed by the Caribbean islands and Brazil.
AVIBA also confirmed that holiday packages are now the ones most tourists look for when choosing a destination as they offer more security and reassurance if “tourists run into any sort of trouble when they are abroad,” said Riera yesterday.